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At Streeterlaw, we know that you want to be a professional, diligent and right. You want to make the right decision because it will affect the Strata Plans that you manage. In order to do that, you need the right guide to act as a sounding board. The problem is that you are facing an array of complaints, Corporate Governance Disputes, Building Defect Disputes and external compliance demands which make you feel overwhelmed and may cause friction within the Strata Committee as you are criticised regardless of what you do.

We believe in equipping you with cost effective, result driven solutions to resolve your disputes.

We understand the checks and balances that affect a Strata Managing Agent and the Owners Corporation, which is why you want to obtain advice from Accredited Specialists, so that any decision or communication is logical, sound and right in the particular circumstances.

How we do it

  1. We review the documents that you upload to your customised Streeterlaw Portal.
  2. One of our Accredited Specialists will meet with you to identify your three priority disputes.
  3. We provide you with a preliminary view and recommendation to approve to start resolving your disputes.

How to start the process

Call Streeterlaw on (02) 8197 01015, speak to one of our Client Service Specialists and book your Fixed Fee appointment with an Accredited Specialist and team member. Alternatively, fill out the below webform and one of our Client Service specialists will call you!

Make sure you bring all the relevant documents to the appointment and we’ll help you become a proactive Strata Manager who resolves disputes, has a market leading reputation and develops long term relationships with the Executive Committee and members of the Strata Plan.

Stop complaints and threats of the appointment of a new Strata Manager before it is too late!

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